Chicken Salad

  • Author: Aimee


A guaranteed potluck or dinner hit. I sometimes think I should rename this blog the red onion.  My first recipe did not include the R.O.  It takes the taste to a whole new level.  Everything is better with a red onion. I evidently did not realize this while taking the picture for this post.  The rhubarb adds a tang and a whole different flavor taste. This recipe is great with or without it. But don’t forget the red onion.


1 chicken breast cooked

3/4 cup mayonnaise or veganaise

1/4 cup diced red onion

3 radishes diced

1/4 cup dried tomatoes not packed in oil

1/2 cup pecans chopped

1 stalk of rhubarb sliced (optional)

1/4 cup dried cherries

1 tablespoon of thyme

1 tablespoon of rosemary

1/4 teaspoon of salt


Cook the chicken breast. For more details go to my post on cooking a chicken breast.

While the chicken is resting  for ten minutes. Prep and place the rest of the ingredients into a bowl with the exception of the mayonnaise/vegenaise and spices.

Once the chicken breast has cooled and rested so all the juices could reunite, chop the chicken breast into small cubes.

Slowly combine the mayonnaise or vegenaise  to the bowl of dry ingredients.  Mixing it in each time until you reach your desired consistency.  Next add the spices and stir.

Let set in the fridge in a covered container for a couple of hours before serving to give the flavors a chance to meld.


If you plan on taking this recipe to a potluck I highly recommend doubling it.

I was surprised that I prefer this salad with the vegenaise than the mayonnaise.